Reward Based. Balanced Approach. Holistic View.

My Loyal Companion

Empowering pet parents with the expertise, assurance, and skills needed to guide their family dog towards becoming a trusted and devoted Loyal Companion.


our outlook

Reward Based. Balanced Approach. Holistic View.

reward based

My Loyal Companion provides training with extensive use of different types of rewards.

EVERY behaviour and command at My Loyal Companion is taught through the use of rewards and positive reinforcement.

Once a dog has a good foundation of the understanding and knowledge of what is being asked of them, then and ONLY then can we add in correction for non-compliance.

Corrections are necessary for reliability of behaviours, commands, and outcomes. 

balanced approach

A dog training approach that uses both classical and operant conditioning to establish effective communication techniques, marking the exact point in time when either a dog’s behaviour is correct or incorrect.

This training methodology uses a balance of both positive (adding) reward and negative (taking away) pressure based styles of teaching.

holistic view

At My Loyal Companion we thrive on a holistic (Body, Mind, Soul) view when it comes to dog training and pet ownership.

Before we can expect any domesticated behaviour from our dogs, we must ensure their basic daily canine requirements are met. 

Inclusive training

My Loyal Companion Services

private programs


Dedicated to training and building a loyal companion of your own?

My Loyal Companion offers 3 different Private Programs suited to those who want to complete the training themselves with the direction and guidance of a professional trainer during one-on-one private sessions.

Private Programs are NOT suitable for dogs with any behavioural issues such as fear, anxiety, reactivity, or resource guarding. 

board and train programs

An effective and efficient way for your dog to become the Loyal Companion you’ve always wanted!

By boarding your dog with the trainer, your pet becomes fully immersed into the trainer’s lifestyle and routine. Advantages include training 24-hours a day. 7-days a week, for a 3-week minimum.

The curriculum is completed by the knowledgeable and experienced trainer and then transferred over to the owner during the 3 scheduled Private Lessons.

k9 to 5 structured day camp

Would you love your dog to enjoy structured socializing, play, walks, enrichment, training sessions, while you’re at work?

Are you worried about how multiple unbalanced, off leash, excitable and or anxious dogs can affect your member of the pack?

Enjoy the benefits of a tired dog from daycare, with the rewards of a well balanced, well-mannered pooch, with no interruptions in your training routine.  

structured boarding

Finding a safe and reliable place to look after your dog when you go away is one of every pet parent’s hardest decisions to make. Someone who will treat them like their own, but also won’t ruin or regress your training program…

Why not board your dog with the trainer! 

Owner must provide bed, food, medication etc.


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